Frequently Asked Questions

Kentlake Theatre Company

  • Q: How can I get involved as a student?

A: There are a few different ways to get involved. You can register for theatre classes, attend our bi-weekly Drama Club meetings, and/or join our fall and spring productions! Just let a drama student or Mrs. Blair know that you are interested and they can help get you started.

  • Q: How can I get involved as a parent?

A: There are plenty of ways to help out as a parent! During productions, we have several committees: publicity, box office/ushers, costumes/hair and makeup, cast and crew meals, concessions, and set construction. This year, we will also be starting a Drama Booster Club. To learn more, email our director. Please keep in mind that all volunteers are required to pass a background check through KSD's VIPS system.

Theatre Classes

  • Q: What theatre classes are offered at Kentlake?

A: Currently, Mrs. Blair is teaching a Drama Fundamentals acting class in 5th period and a Theatre Technician class in 6th period.

  • Q: Where is the drama department located at Kentlake?

A: We can be found in the Performing Arts Center between the Rainier and Cascade halls in the cafeteria. Classes take place in room 1814 in the music hall across from the orchestra/choir room, and this room also houses our Black Box Theater and Mrs. Blair's office.

  • Q: I have never taken any drama classes before now, but I want to register for a class. Will I be behind everyone else?

A: Absolutely not! Although we do not currently have multiple classes for varying skill levels, our drama teacher will work very hard to meet you where you're at and provide a valuable education for you as a beginning actor or technician.

Productions, Auditions, Rehearsals

  • Q: Do I have to be in the club or classes to act in the fall and spring productions?

A: Nope! Anyone and everyone is welcome to audition for our fall play and spring musical. Just come talk to Mrs. Blair when you hear about auditions over the announcements and she will help get you signed up for a time slot.

  • Q: How big is the commitment for a student in a production?

A: Depending on need and the size of your part, you will be called for different amounts of rehearsals. However, you are expected to take the production seriously and attend all rehearsals and meetings you are called for unless it is previously arranged.

  • Q: How does the audition process work?

A: The first step of the audition process is signing up for a time slot. At that time, you will be told what you need to prepare for the audition, as each production and project requires different things. On audition day, you should arrive at the front of the Performing Arts Center at least 10 minutes before your time so that you can fill out some paperwork and prepare yourself. You should receive an email within the next few days following auditions letting you know if you are needed at callbacks.

  • Q: What are rehearsals? When are they?

A: During rehearsals, actors work on their performances, explore character, learn blocking (your character's movements), and rehearse the show. Rehearsals take place after school and run from 2:30pm to about 5-6:00pm most weekdays during a production run.

Tech Crew

  • Q: What if I'm interested in the productions, but I want to work behind the scenes?

A: You can join tech crew! Students in tech crew work behind the scenes to build sets, design sound and lighting, create costumes and props, and so much more to make sure everything runs smoothly during performances. While actors are rehearsing the show, tech comes in at the same time to work and create everything else that the audience will see and hear on stage.

  • Q: What are the different parts of tech that I could join?

A: The teams in our tech crew are set design and construction, fly (bringing curtains and set pieces in and out of the stage using our rigging system), lighting, sound, props, costumes, and hair and makeup.

  • Q: Do I have to "audition" to be part of the crew?

A: Nope! If you are interested in joining the crew for a production, all you need to do is speak with our director or someone in our stage management team. From there, you will be interviewed to figure out where you will fit best within our tech team. This is a very casual process and you will not be turned away.

  • Q: I'm just starting to look into theatre, and I've heard a thousand new words and terms. What do they all mean?!

A: Don't worry! You'll have plenty of time to learn, and nobody expects you to pick up all the terminology immediately. Before you know it, you'll be a theatre master and saying things like "we should bring in the stage-right tormentor" without even thinking. In the meantime, check out this great article by!

Production Information

  • Q: Are there any fees associated with participating in a KLTC production?

A: At this time, there are no required fees! During productions, we will offer optional show shirts that can be purchased by cast and crew (price will vary).

  • Q: I've heard a lot about "tech week", what is that?

A: Tech week happens in the week leading up to the opening night of a performance, and it is when all of the aspects of the show come together and final touches are made. Actors begin to rehearse in costume, lighting designs are applied to the stage, and any errors are corrected. This week can be hectic, and both cast and crew are usually expected to be at Kentlake for longer hours. It is also a great bonding experience for the cast and crew, and many people look forward to it!

Drama Club and I.T.S.

  • Q: What is the Drama Club?

A: Drama Club is an after-school activity in the Green Room advised by the drama director that has student officers who plan meetings, games, fundraisers, and other theatre-inspired activities for its members. It meets after school every other week on Thursdays (the day that the activity bus comes). All are welcome!

  • Q: Do I have to be in the classes or productions to join the club?

A: Absolutely not! Drama Club is open to ANY students interested in theatre, not just those in the classes and productions. Even if your only drama experience is that you love the musical Hamilton, we would love to have you!

  • Q: What is the International Thespian Society (a.k.a. ITS)?

A: The International Thespian Society is an honor society for high school theatre students. The ITS sponsors many activities such as actor and technician workshops and state conferences, and they can be a great resource for theatre students. Students will be able to become a Thespian at the end of the school year after they earn 10 points, equivalent to 100 hours of work in the high school theatre. Those hours can be earned in both the technical and performance sides of theatre.

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